May 2019

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Website Speed and Page Load Optimization on The CommonSenSEO Show No.19

As every searches for that elusive page load time of below 1 second, the team at CommonSenSEO have been back to the lab to discover what works, and how you can implement it without masses of technical knowledge. Page speed is clearly an important factor in SEO, but it certainly isn’t the only factor. That’s […]

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Site Speed, CTR & Optimization for WordPress on The CommonSenSEO Show No.18

Google have made quite a lot of noise about site speed, but where can we draw the line of common sense? When do we need to worry about site speed, or when can we confidently turn our attentions to other SEO factors? Click-through rates are a part of the ranking jigsaw. Speed clearly plays a […]

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SEO This Week meets CommonSenSEO for an On-page Special on the CommonSenSEO Show No.17

This On-page Special brings on the highly-tuned SEO minds of Clint Butler and Ted Kubaitis for an extended version of the show. This is set to be a landmark show and certainly not one to miss. We urge you to get your questions about on-page ready to be answered by this meeting of the minds. […]

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Competitor Keywords Basic Report

Competitor Keyword Analysis   If you need to outrank a competitor on Google,  you will need to know what keywords they are ranking for. It’s essential knowledge that sets out your blueprint for ranking domination.     How Do I Do Competitor Keyword Research?   There are several tools that can help you find those […]

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Competitor Keywords: How to Win the Ranking War on The CommonSenSEO Show No.16

Competitor keywords are a major clue to ranking. If the competitor site is ranking higher, then they must be doing something to put them there. While there are many aspects to winning the ranking wars, understanding the competitor focus keywords is certainly something that can’t ever harm you. When you know what terms are being […]

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