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About Us

The Backdrop to CommonSenSEO


Who is behind CommonSenSEO

CommonSenSEO is a concept brand devised by Tony Grant, an Accomplished Online Marketer from Lincoln, UK.
Tony states: “Over the past 10+ years, I have had successes in affiliate marketing, product launch, copywriting, eCommerce, and of course, SEO.”
Since those days,and much of the past 5 years, I have focused on Lead Generation and Local Business Marketing strategies.
And, the rest they say, is history.

Why create CommonSenSEO

After spending many years around so many forums, I came to see there is still a lot of confusion around SEO.
While I believed that SEO was very much based on CommonSense, hence the branding of CommonSenSEO, it was clear that others still had a perception that it was a much more mysterious art form.
I finally got around to thinking it was time to set out my own findings and experiences, in a way that hopefully makes common sense to you.

What will CommonSenSEO aim to achieve

The first thing to do is to dispel many of the myths that are forever given online exposure. Often wrongly making people believe they are right.
The next thing is to demonstrate how to get rankings in Google and beyond.
Then maybe take a look at the tools and fads out there, figuring out which are essential, which are nice, and which are either dangerous or just a waste of money.
Then finally, figure out the where and the when so we can complete the 5 reasons for being here.
CommonSenSEO will try to make your visit worthwhile, and look forward to meeting you along the way.

Other Members of The CommonSenSEO Team

Recently, Tony Grant formed a working relationship with Henrik Blicher Hansen.
This led to a collaberation in many research projects, and most significantly, the creation of The CommonSenSEO Show.
This was a weekly show mainly aimed at other SEO Practitioners, but could also be of value to local business and online marketers.
The show enjoyed success in 2019, with a loyal following, and a strong weekly viewing.
In 2020, the shows became more occasional, sometimes with several weeks in between.
This mirrored the changes in operational strategies, partly due to the changing shape of SEO during the pandemic.

Getting in touch

You can find a Contact Form over on our Contact Us page. Thats maybe the best way to reach me for now. As the site develops, I’m sure we will create Skype and Facebook groups, and maybe some others too.