Choosing Profitable Keywords on The CommonSenSEO Show No.2

Choosing Profitable Keywords is the topic of our 2nd episode of the CommonSenSEO Show.

Finding Profitable Keywords is the opening topic of The CommonSenSEO Show No.2

Quick Find:
00:00 → Welcome message from Tony & Henrik, your presenters
for The CommonSenSEO Show.
01:57 → How to rank for keywords in a competitive niche
06:40 → Swapping up your keywords for maximum impact
09:30 → Finding semantically linked keywords
10:40 → How keyword cannibalisation weakens your keyword strength
12:35 → Boosting your keyword with sentiment words
17:05 → Keyword research using keyword tools
20:45 → Henrik takes a look at Uber Suggest, a free online keyword tool
23:45 → Henrik also looks at the free Keyword Factory tool
27:45 → Henrik and Tony wrap up this week’s show with a promise
to continue the chat on keyword research next week.

Tony & Henrik look into the process of choosing profitable keyword combinations.

They discuss how to get an overview of the search engine landscape, how to check the competition and adjust thinking in order to find keyword phrases that can be profitable to business.

The discussion was then opened up to the subject of automation, and how the varying tools that are out there compare.

The 30 minute show is packed with common sense thinking, and because the subject is only just glanced upon, Show No.3 will continue to dig deeper into the tools and strategies that are available for us to use, and benefit from.

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  1. CommonSenSEO says:

    Here are links to the tools I spoke about and will be speaking about in the next show

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