eCommerce: The Antidote to Corona – eCommerce Never Had It So Good

eCommerce: The Antidote to Corona – eCommerce Never Had It So Good

eCommerce has never had it so good!

With half the world on lockdown, the need for retail therapy is growing rapidly.
With half the high street in storage, everyone is turning to online and ecommerce to get their necessities and their fancies too.

It is not unusual for Amazon sellers to be seeing a 300% increase in revenue over the past 3 months, and it hasn’t stopped growing yet.

So is now the time to hit it hard?

How can you ride this trend, ride it safely, and survive when the trend reverses.

No matter what happens over the coming months, new habits are being forged, and even though 300% increase can’t be sustained, there is still a bigger and better opportunity for anyone right now, and definitely into the future.

So join Tony & Henrik on Tuesday, 21st April at 10:30am EST (15:30 GMT) and get the fast track to fast gains.

It’s not SEO, but it still makes sense!

If you are using WooCommerce on WordPress, there is a free plugin here to tidy up the screen. – you can also check out their new hosting, specially developed for WooCommerce from that page.

Also, I have put a free training up at – no optin, just open and free access.

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