Keyword Tools: The CommonSenSEO Show No.3

Keyword Tools: The CommonSenSEO Show No.3

Keyword Research Tools follows on from Show No.2 at where we started to look at finding profitable keywords. Best data mining tool

In this re-recorded video, Henrik dives deeper into some of the tools that are freely available in the marketplace, and which help your keyword research.

In addition to the free tools, Henrik also shows the Power Suggest Pro and highlights the strengths of each in turn, whether paid or free.

As with all shows, the live broadcast was at Tuesday at 10:30am EST (New York time), 15:00pm GMT (London time).

It was later replaced by a recorded version due to problems around screen sizing and viewing difficulties for live attendees.

Due to the issues faced, all future shows will be streamed live on Youtube, and access from the FB Group will be through this YouTube channel:

The conversation can also be continued on the CommonSenSEO Facebook group at

If preferred, CommonSenSEO can be found on Skype at

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The presenters, Tony Grant and Henrik Blicher Hansen thank you for watching, liking and subscribing to this video and channel. We look forward to meeting you again in our next show, each and every Tuesday at 10:30am EST.

1. Introduction to Keyword Translation Factory tool – 00:00:00
2. LSI keyword tool – 00:00:33
3. Keyword list scrub – 00:02:37
4. Combine Keyword Tool – 00:03:12
5. Keyword Spintax spinner – 00:05:45
6. Download Keywords – 00:07:10
7. Keywords to HTML contextual links – 00:07:57
8. übersuggest keyword tool – 00:10:27
9. PowerSuggest Pro – 00:18:46

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