Keyword Qualification Matrix – CommonSenSEo Show No 4

Keyword Qualification Matrix with Matt Da Cruz of Network Empire.

How To Do A Market Analysis? In summary, your market analysis is made up of the following components An assessment of the market. Whether the market is big enough to facilitate your business goals.

An understanding of the demographic and segmentation of the market. An understanding of what the market segment is asking, what they need. An understanding of who the competition is and how strong they are. An understanding of what barriers to entry exist?

An understanding of Regulation You start identifying who the audience is and how to connect with these people. You identify multiple ways using different digital marketing methods to attract the target audience by sending out the correct messages/signals.

You speak to their pain points and prove a solution. You understand how you’re going to deploy/deliver the solution.


If you want to take a closer look at the DMT tool here is a link

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