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Transcribed Highlights from this week’s show

Hello and welcome to The CommonSenSEO Show.
This is the first of what we hope will be many.
So, before we get into what the show is all about, I just want to say hello.
My name is Tony Grant and with me today is my co-host, Henrik Blicher Hansen.

What’s the CommonSenSEO Show all about?

The thinking behind it is that, although there is a lot of talk, rumors and myth around the SEO community, it seems to be that when people see the Same information two or three times, they have a tendency to start believing it.
Over the past few months, as I’m getting deeper and deeper into the different SEO communities, I’m noticing that there’s a whole lot of myth that people are actually taking forward as the truth.
So I just thought, it’s getting a little bit silly.

In fact, only the other day, there was a guy that was justifying a belief based on an article posted on somebody’s blog.
The article he cited was pure supposition.
I know there’s a lot of information out there, and I know a lot of people have got to take notice of something.
But, what I really wanted to do with this show is to bring a more balanced, common sense perspective.
Rather than just believing what we read in any of the blogs, or what people post on skype groups, we try to take a broader understanding of what’s Going on in the SEO community, and try to make some sense out of that, then move forward with knowledge behind us.

Both Henrik and I are involved in various different SEO communities, in paid mentorship groups as well as free ones.
I’m involved in one group which is very much about single variable testing and I’m seeing one side of SEO.
Henrik is involved in other ones that are more related to stacking and technical SEO.
Both of those approaches to SEO have definite advantages and positive results.
We prove it day in and day out with our own work.
While there is definite benefits from following either track, what seems to happen is that people get into one community or the other.
They believe one or the other wholeheartedly, and then it becomes a battle between the two beliefs.
The single variable testers stand there calling out the stackers, and the stackers say the SVT group are idiots, and so it goes on.
But really, it’s not about who’s right or who’s wrong.
There is no real right or wrong in SEO, it’s more about what makes sense at the time. What gets us to the top of Google with the minimal of effort, reliably and without breaking too many rules.
So there you go, that’s the whole purpose behind The CommonSenSEO Show.
We are out there in the trenches day in and day out.
Not only are we learning this stuff, we’re actually building sites and testing all these strategies.
We’re really digging in to find out what works and what makes sense for our sites, and hopefully your site’s.

Figuring Out the SEO Myths

You will most likely have heard those myths that say H1 tags do this or you need these many words in your body text.
You need these many images and you’ve got to put your YouTube video here etc.
People start believing that they must have 1,200 words or 1500 words on their home page.
The truth is that it all changes whether you’re dealing with an e-commerce site, an affiliate site, or a local business site.
Every single niche, every single aspect of SEO is different depending on your target audience.
There is no such thing as a definitive ‘you need 1,200 words’, it doesn’t work that way.
One strategy was explained extremely well by James Upjohn, a guy who has an incredibly relaxed way of explaining SEO, was that to discover what Google really want, you need to go see what Google are telling you.
Don’t listen to what you read on the blogs.
The very best person to listen to about SEO is information given by the organization that we’re trying to beat, as in Google.
If you want to know what will get you to the top of Google for a home services business, then the best thing to do is go to Google. Do a search in your local area for home services, carpet cleaning, or whatever you want to find, then actually look to see what those results tell you.
What words are highlighted, what words are coming up as LSI phrases that you should be ranking for.
What common phrases should you also be considering by checking the ‘people also search for’ results.
Go into each of the 10 results on page 1 of your Google search and see how many of them have videos on the home page.
How many of them have the keywords in the h1 tags, how many words do they have on their home page.
That’s what will tell you the truth, because the way to get to the top of that page is to beat those top 10 sites at whatever they’re doing better than you.
Now I’m probably telling you the obvious here, but so many people don’t follow the obvious signals.
So many people will simply believe what they’re told, but really, you’ve got to tear up the rule book, start over and start listening to some common-sense SEO.
This will give you results.

A resource that I want to share with you is a SEO Guide detailing what Google want to find on your website.
It is the very basics of SEO as told by Google.
Now I’m not saying this is right and I’m not saying believe what you read, whether it’s titled up by Google or not.
What I’m saying is that it’s a benchmark, it’s a common starting point and it can’t be far from wrong.
Surely, if this is what Google are telling us they want to find, then there’s got to be some element of truth in there. Whether there is or whether there isn’t, we can discover that as we go along.
But the best thing to do is for people that are a bit unsure to just go and review that document.
Let’s all get on the same page, and as we move forward week by week, we’re all starting with a common base point.

Okay so the next thing I want to sort of just move on to is what’s going to happen next not today but in the future in the future we’re gonna have guests on here. Hopefully I know two or three people have already said they will come on and over the next few weeks. We actually actually help publish and so that yeah I’ll say that again in a minute but what we’re going to do is over the next few weeks. We’re going to be covering each of the fundamental elements of SEO now you may say well I’m know about keyword research and about domain research I know about hosting I know about on page off page blah blah blah you might and what I might have to say might not be anything new it might not tell you anything different but but the thing is is again what we’re going to be going through is not the sort of the standard stuff that you read on search engine journal and places like that what we’re going to be talking about is actually the sort of the strategies that we know work and it’s the strategies that we’ve tested it’s it’s it’s all about keyword research in the real world it’s not the rulebook stuff it’s not the the classroom chalk and talk it’s it’s it’s about how we implement these strategies and how we get to the results that we’re looking for in our business and and and hopefully will include everybody’s thoughts in that and and again we said we come to a common-sense approach to all of these different strategies so if you’re a skilled SEO then maybe this isn’t going to be for you necessarily for the first few weeks but what I really want to do is I want to get people on the same page when it comes to the thinking about SEO over the last few months like I say I’ve been involved in a lot of sort of fairly serious groups and one of the one of the main things it taught me is that even though I thought I knew a lot about SEO I knew there was a hell of a lot more and I’m learning every single day it’s just incredible insane the amount of information that’s out there and it’s insane how deep this topic goes I’m not going to go really really in deep on these webinars but the thing is is the stuff we do need to understand to move into this serious SEO work and serious results is definitely to understand the fundamentals if you don’t understand basic on page it doesn’t matter what you do with your stack in with your YouTube videos with everything else it doesn’t matter you’re not gonna get that site ranking it all boils down to getting the fundamentals right and that’s what I want to cover and getting everybody aren’t on board with that sort of some common sense thinking and how to get good results so hopefully that makes sense Henrick any things you wanted to add to that no just that we will we’re trying to find some topics on each show that might have a little droplets in terms of rockets that can support whatever time you’re wasting with us so let’s say maybe what we want to achieve with this show absolutely and this is like a few minutes ago we referred to having guests on board and and that the whole purpose of that is we want to bring in some of the people that we work alongside that they can actually explain some of the processes we use in a way that’s going to make more sense than just us ranting on about it the things like I mean that this is going forward a few weeks but things like page page optimizer pro for example pop to the top as they like to call it pop in your website it’s where you use correlation to work out how to get above the two or three sites above you tools like that but it makes much more sense if the person that develops that is the person that’s telling you about it even with Henrik and Patrick the tools that they’ve just put out there now though the Google poster how to use those two absolutely max out the benefit you get from you Google my business if you’re into local and and and there’s even you know word on the street that it doesn’t matter whether you’re into local or not you still should have a GMB why not register at GMB you know it’s this free marketing so anyway but that’s this that’s further down the line but this is the sort of things we want to be doing and bringing in people when we get round to press releases I know the Magister that he will quite happily come along and talk about its press releases with us and like I say I’m sure Patrick will come in and meant to talk about excuse me power gone what it’s good thank you factory and and and and the other 37 factories and he’s got and and again we’ve got Henrik here who’s the absolute expert in Google my business so as we move along week by week I think there’s going to be some amazing insights and it’s it’s not just the for in old chalk and talk I can absolutely assure you that it’s this is this is taking SEO out there onto the streets and it’s how we do it day in day out and and get success we are definitely getting successes we’ll show you some of them especially if we want a few link clicks from you you know that’d be nice yeah so I think we’re I think that covers pretty much most of the basis as to why this show is here so is there any so many questions yet it’s all from out there no well so please post them yes please do yeah and the thing is I know probably people are sort of resting up because I know in in in like less than what in less than an hour we’ve got Holly’s webinar that’s hot on our hot on our tails and that’s going to be absolutely well that’s definitely going to be more colorful language I can assure you of that so this is probably the calm before the storm but I don’t expect that to be too many questions today really because I mean this is the first one there’s not going to be many people on board actually watching live is the middle of the afternoon and the in states no it’s not it’s the middle of the morning in the states it’s the middle of the afternoon in the UK so it’s probably not the best of times but it suits us if after this if you’ve not four people that well if with all of the shows they’re all gonna be coming out they’re all gonna be recorded straight away afterwards this is going out live on Facebook if it will be as soon as we’ve got a recording it will be put up on to the YouTube channel we will be dropping links into all of those resources as they become available there is also a skype group I don’t know whether you manage to get the skype group URL if we didn’t get it will we’ll get it later and drop it into the group so there is a Skype group where you can talk if that’s your preferred communication method we will be in the Facebook group there’s also there’s there’s a group and there’s the fan page the reason is – is that a set up the group and then realize that we couldn’t I don’t think we could do the I don’t know we could work on doing one thing or another in both so we we ended up with both but for now I think that’s pretty much covered everything has anybody actually asked any questions yet or no we know but it’s just talk a little bit about the Google shortener because the Google shortener which used to be a tree or once have now turned into B at 302 redirects and that’s not only new shortened links but it also applied to the old ones so Google has been pulling our leg once again on that one serve you should try to find an alternative shortener to-to-to shortener links and we will be working on maybe a solution to to see where we can come up with solution which will will be better but maybe think about if you can build one yourself because then you’re not exposed to a third party intervention like Google just a CEO knows that we couldn’t really trust them and on this one so that was just of yes so Henry can you just explain briefly the difference between a 301 on a 302 for anybody that’s scratching their heads yeah a 302 is a temporary redirects and when the but comes around it really does know which one to give the credit for the pay which pays to give the credits so if it’s a 302 302 it’s a temporary if it’s a tree or one it’s a permanence and if it’s a 301 then the juice is passed on to the other line so that’s that’s basically it so basically the links are more powerful with a 301 than they are with the 302 yeah okay that’s good and as for Henry just mentioned then if you if you know one of the best ways of moving forward is to actually create your own link shortener when people might think where do you start and this is again it’s things that we will be discussing as we go on because over the past sort of well a couple of months or so we’ve actually been put in our own ad servers in place our own link shorteners our own mail servers we’re building all of these as we go along and so again we’ve got that understanding and we can bring that to you as and when the time is right definitely because one of the things one of the one of the trickiest things I guess about a link shortener it’s not so much setting up the link shortener itself which is relatively straightforward there’s a few scripts out there that you can use as long as you’ve got a server somewhere to put it that part of it is not so complex the problem you’ve got it’s actually getting an authoritative domain to attach it to yeah yeah and and what we’re finding is that it’s it’s it’s it’s almost impossible to find any domain because of so many people looking for domains all the time it’s almost impossible to find a domain of over maybe da40 your domain authority of 40 that’s actually not filled with Chinese or porn spam so you know it’s difficult you’ve got to sort of that’s the tricky bit so do you do you buy a domain that’s slightly less valued and do you try and pair it up yourself how do you go about pairing up these domains and so on and so this is a discussion we will be having a little bit further along the line yes JJ is asking will you show us our Patrick made his for the D&B poster as Tony said yes we will dig into that how you can create your own URL shortner yeah I mean we’ve actually got one running at the moment we’ve actually we have actually set one up there the it is functional so we can actually explain yeah definitely we can sort of take that step by or point you to the right resources and guidance I think but the difficulty is is the domain and and I think that’s what we’re trying to figure out now it’s the quickest way of pairing up that domain to make that link shortener really valuable in your business moving forward there’s lots of benefits in any case of using your own link shortener the fact that you’ve got control I mean you know it’s like the change in the ever shape changing landscape of the Jeju GL links and so on and so forth it you’ve got no control over what happens to those links you know you can wake up one morning all your links have gone because they’ve decided to just clear them out the other thing about Google the Geodude whatever it’s called Google I don’t know how many people realize this but but but they’re public domain those those shortened links anybody can go and look at those shortened links and find out where they’re coming from as long as you know where to go well they’re actually public domain so not only if you’re using Google not only have you got no control over your destiny you’ve got no not you’ve got no ability of knowing that when you wake up in morning those links are even gonna be there you’ve also got the ability all of your competitors can quite easily go to Google and actually see your as long as they find one of your links they can then find all of your links so they can see exactly what you’re promoting and everything else and that’s that’s that’s crazy yes this is crazy and not many people I don’t think that many people are aware of that if you’ve got your own link shortener nobody’s gonna see anything you’re in complete control and the only reason that it’s all gonna fall down is if you get a DDoS attack or something like well whatever or you don’t pay your hosting fee or whatever then the rest of it but it’s all down to you it’s absolutely down to you so lots of reasons why you should we will look into as much as we can and we’ll definitely try and work out how there was a question that was talking the other day as to whether if you get a domain does it matter what the history of that domain is if you’re not used it as a public-facing domain I mean there’s these sorts of questions that need to be answered because then that opens up a whole realm of domains that you could use so again it’s down to the testing and so on and so forth but be assured that we will be covering that once we’ve got over these first few weeks of you know actually the the basics of SEO and then we’re really going to dig into the you know inner work into the business and stuff like that well I’ll say dig in but you know we can’t give away too many trade secrets but yeah what we can share as much as we possibly can to make your SEO success a lot easier and gay is asking it’s just a statement what I need help with it’s a step-by-step blueprint on using all the different tools to get ranking that will work yes and that’s exactly what we’re gonna yeah but the thing is is if we gave you a step-by-step blueprint now the trouble is is we don’t necessarily ideal if you can have that but the thing is it’s it’s there’s no guarantee that you follow the phone there’s variances again it’s very much dependent on what you’re doing in your business so again some of the some of the things that we do might not suit what you do and were the time we’ll we’ll we’ll learn that with the community and we’ll develop that knowledge so that you can move forward more effectively but if we also if we said here you go these are the these are the dozen tools that we use every day I mean honestly if I tried to tell anybody knew what we did day by a day it would well it blows my mind so yeah honestly honestly the stuff that goes on it does because we’ve got people in the Philippines doing stacking Fords and things like that it it’s it’s crazy some of the stuff that goes on if we tried to lay that out as a blueprint from the start people would just run away scared I’m sure maybe Jay wouldn’t but I mean you know what I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s mind-boggling these sorts of things you really need to build up you really need to understand the nuts and bolts build on build on information build with solid practices using the right tools which we will absolutely will tell you and like saying not only will we tell you will bring on the people that are developing them to tell you so that you get their perspective as well so so absolutely were gonna do that we can’t do in the week it’s it’s a massive massive task as I’m sure you appreciate you’ve seen the learning curve it’s it’s insane it’s absolutely insane I just I just couldn’t even imagine having to write to sit down and write a document on how to succeed in SEO or internet marketing or EECOM or whatever it is it’s mind boggling into but we’ll definitely try and break that down into simple steps that are accessible understandable and actionable.

We look forward to bringing you some goodies on the next show so until then, bye bye.

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