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What Is WordPress Hosting?




WordPress is a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes. It enables users to build, manage and maintain their online presence with ease. With WordPress, businesses can take full control over the design and functionality of their website without needing extensive technical knowledge or coding skills. As a result, website development with WordPress has become increasingly popular as an efficient way to host websites for local businesses.


In this article, Tony Grant of CommonSenSEO will provide detailed insights into why digital entrepreneurs should consider WPX Hosting (in combination with WordPress) when looking for reliable web hosting services. He explains that this platform offers many features and benefits that are not always available through other managed hosting services, such as BlueHost, Hostgator or even free hosting platforms such as or Wix.


Overall, WPX Hosting is an ideal choice for digital entrepreneurs who are looking for efficient ways to increase the visibility of their site while also maintaining high levels of security and reliability. From increased efficiency in website management to improved customer satisfaction from faster load times – WPX Hosting offers numerous advantages which make it well worth the reasonable pricing structure.


Disclaimer: CommonSenSEO might be compensated by WPX if any reader buys through our links. This does not affect the price you pay, and you will also enjoy the benefit of our support, in addition to the exceptional support that WPX offer.

Please also note that CommonSenSEO do use WPX as an integral part of their hosting solutions, and only recommend this out of our experience and deep knowledge of their exceptional support and services when compared to other hosting providerosproviders.



Web hosting is a service that enables organisations, businesses and individuals to post websites or webpages on the Internet. It provides users with storage space for their website content, such as HTML files, images, audio, and video clips. When customers sign up for this service, they are assigned an account on a server and get access to various tools and applications necessary to create a successful online presence.


There are two types of web hosting services: shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting involves one server being used by multiple clients while dedicated hosting requires each customer having their own server. Depending on the size of your business or website needs, you can choose between these two options when selecting a web host provider.


WordPress Hosting (WPX) has revolutionised local business web hosting by providing secure cloud-based solutions tailored specifically to small business owners’ needs. WPX offers unbeatable speed thanks to its advanced caching system; effortless scalability with unlimited number of domain names; enhanced security through auto backups and virus scanning; plus 24/7 support via email or live chat. WPX makes it easy for local businesses to take advantage of all the benefits offered by modern digital technology without sacrificing quality or reliability.



WordPress Hosting provides a unique opportunity for local businesses to build an effective and powerful website with minimal effort. This type of hosting is ideal for those who want the convenience of having their website up and running quickly without spending too much time or money on complicated setup processes. WordPress Hosting offers several advantages that make it an attractive solution for small to medium-sized businesses:


  1. Easy Setup & Management: Managed WordPress hosting plans are designed to simplify the setup process, allowing users to get started quickly without any technical know-how or configuration requirements. These plans also offer comprehensive management tools that can be used to monitor performance, update content, and ensure security.


  1. Dedicated Server Benefits: With dedicated server benefits, such as managed backups and automatic updates, businesses have access to reliable resources and increased speed compared to shared hosting options. Dedicated servers guarantee higher levels of data safety and reliability than shared hosting solutions due to their exclusive use by a single customer.


  1. Cost Effective Hosting: Compared to other types of web hosting services, WordPress hosting is more cost-effective due its easy maintenance features and user-friendly interface which requires less technical expertise from IT staff members. Additionally, many providers offer additional features like free SSL certificates, domain name registration discounts, malware scanning/detection tools at no extra cost when signing up for a plan – all helping reduce costs associated with setting up a website in the long run.


  1. VPS Hosting Benefits: Virtual private server (VPS) hosting offers the same level of control over your website’s environment as dedicated servers do but without incurring high upfront costs since multiple websites share physical space on one server – making them great value for money and suitable even for smaller business websites looking for scalability down the line if needed. Furthermore, VPS hosting grants users root access so they can install custom software applications or optimise their environment according to specific needs thus giving customers greater flexibility over how they manage their sites’ content.


The numerous benefits offered by WordPress Hosting have made it a popular choice among small-scale business owners seeking an efficient yet affordable way of managing their online presence while ensuring maximum uptime and optimal performance across devices – all within budget constraints! CommonSenSEO recommends WPX as the best option available today; providing secure connections, unlimited storage capacity plus exceptional 24/7 customer support service at competitive prices – perfect for entrepreneurs who demand innovation coupled with quality assurance!


What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?


Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialised service designed for people who use WordPress as their website platform. It offers users more options and services than traditional web hosting plans. Managed WordPress hosting provides an improved level of security, reliability, scalability, and performance compared to other web hosting solutions. This type of hosting takes care of all the technical aspects associated with running a WordPress site so that the owner can focus on optimising content and increasing traffic.


WPX is one of the leading providers in managed WordPress hosting services. They offer unbeatable speed and performance combined with 24/7 customer support and daily backups. Their prices are highly competitive when compared to other managed hosting plans in the market today. WPX also lets you easily add additional websites or resources to your existing plan whenever you need them without any extra fees. Furthermore, they provide comprehensive tools such as Site Health Checker, Post Performance Metrics, Advanced Security Features, Plugin Manager, CDN Support & Cache Optimisation which makes it easier for local businesses to optimise their online presence quickly and efficiently.


For those looking for an efficient way to run their sites while staying within budget constraints, WPX provides several cost-effective packages that include everything needed for reliable website management: from setup assistance to ongoing maintenance services like server monitoring and malware scan protection – all backed by world-class support team available round-the-clock via chat or email channels. In short, WPX’s combination of features, technology and affordability make it an ideal choice for powering dynamic local business websites.


Different Hosting Types

WordPress Hosting Services are an essential component of any successful website. There are no one-size fits all solution when it comes to hosting, as the needs of each site and business can vary greatly. WPX provides a range of WordPress Hosting services for local businesses, from managed hosting solutions to shared, VPS and dedicated servers.


Managed WordPress Hosting offers users a worry-free experience by taking care of server maintenance, security patches and updates automatically. This allows users to focus on their content while WPX takes care of the technical aspects. Shared hosting is also available with WPX; this type of web hosting service allows several websites to be hosted together on the same physical server. It may not offer the full power or customisation options that come with more advanced plans but is often ideal for small business owners who are just starting out and have limited budgets.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting helps bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers by offering greater control over how resources are allocated within a single server environment. With VPS hosting you get access to root level privileges which allow you to customise your setup according to your own requirements. Dedicated Servers provide ultimate performance but require a higher financial commitment due its exclusive nature – meaning only one user gets access to its resources at any given time. WPX’s range of dedicated server packages guarantee unbeatable uptime rates, scalability, and reliability – perfect for large scale projects such as ecommerce stores or corporate sites with high traffic volumes.


WPX delivers consistently fast loading speeds across all types of WordPress hosting services making them ideal for businesses looking for reliable, cost-effective web solutions without compromising on quality or features. In addition, customers benefit from 24/7 support via chat, phone and email plus 30-day money back guarantees so they can try before they buy!


How To Choose a Provider


Choosing the best WordPress hosting provider is a critical decision for any business. It’s important to choose one that offers reliable services and meets your specific needs. With so many web hosting providers out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best suited for you. The key is to compare features, pricing, uptime guarantees, customer support options, and other factors to make an informed choice. WPX Hosting stands out from the competition as the premier WordPress hosting provider for local businesses.


WPX provides comprehensive WordPress hosting services at competitive rates. In addition to offering a 99.95% uptime guarantee on all their plans, they also offer free daily backups, along with 24/7 expert customer service and live chat support. Their servers are optimised specifically for WordPress websites, allowing them to run faster and more reliably than most other hosting providers’ servers. They also provide security tools such as malware scanning, and website firewalls included in all plans.


For those who want complete control over their WordPress site but don’t want to manage it themselves, WPX offers Managed Services Plans that take care of everything from performance optimisation to plugin installation, content updates, server maintenance & upgrades – all without requiring manual intervention or technical expertise on your part! From small local businesses to large enterprises looking for top-notch managed solutions at affordable prices – WPX has something for everyone!


Compare different wordpress hosting services side by side before making your selection; look beyond just cost considerations when choosing a WordPress host provider: consider reliability, scalability, and quality of service too. WPX stands head and shoulders above its competitors with unbeatable performance and value – perfect for powering any size website while providing peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and available whenever you need it most!


Security Measures

WordPress hosting is a popular web-hosting platform that can be used to run websites and applications. Its popularity lies in its simplicity, scalability, and security features. Although WordPress offers some basic security measures, there are additional precautions you should take to ensure the safety of your website or application. It is important for businesses to understand what type of managed hosting security protocols they need to protect their data from malicious attacks.


WPX Hosting provides an array of WordPress security solutions designed to keep your site safe from hackers and other threats. Their dedicated server environment ensures maximum protection against malware, viruses, DDoS attacks, and brute force attempts. They also offer daily backups of all files on their servers, so you never have to worry about losing precious data due to accidental deletion or corruption. Additionally, WPX has 24/7 technical support available to assist with any issues related to website performance or maintenance needs.


For local businesses who rely heavily upon their online presence, WPX’s comprehensive suite of hosting security measures provide peace of mind while ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With one-click access to automated updates and plugins as well as advanced firewalls and anti-virus protection, WPX makes sure customers have the latest safeguards against cyber threats without having to manually manage them themselves. Furthermore, this allows local business owners more time focusing on growing their business instead of worrying about managing complex security systems.


Providing secure yet reliable WordPress hosting services at budget friendly prices is why WPX stands out among competitors when it comes to safeguarding customer’s sites from malicious activity while allowing them greater control over their online experience than ever before possible.


Shared Vs Vps Vs Dedicated Servers


WordPress hosting is a great choice for local businesses, especially those needing an easy and affordable way to get their website up and running. It can be divided into three main categories of servers: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Shared hosting is the most cost-effective option as it requires minimal resources from your web host.


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides more control than shared hosting but at a higher price point. With this type of server, you have full root access which allows you to install any software you need. This means that if there are certain programs or scripts you want to run on your site, they will work just fine with a VPS. Additionally, VPSs offer better security since each customer’s data is stored in its own virtual environment.


Finally, dedicated servers provide the ultimate level of performance since all available resources are dedicated solely to one user’s needs. However, these types of servers also come with hefty price tags so it may not be viable for small business owners who don’t have large budgets for web hosting services.


For WordPress users looking for reliable yet budget-friendly solutions, WPX Hosting is an excellent choice because it offers:

  • Scalability – You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan according to changing requirements without worrying about additional costs or downtime.
  • Security – All data is securely stored using advanced encryption techniques.
  • 24/7 Support – Their support team is always ready to help with any questions you may have regarding your WordPress setup and configuration.


WPX Hosting has everything needed by local businesses wanting hassle-free WordPress hosting services without breaking the bank! They offer robust features designed specifically for WordPress sites while ensuring top-notch performance levels throughout the entire process.


Customisation Options

WordPress hosting is a great choice for clients looking to customise their online presence. With so many customisation options, WordPress ensures that businesses can create the perfect website tailored exactly to their needs. WPX Hosting is an excellent solution when it comes to customising WordPress because of its reliable and secure servers, as well as its wide range of features.


WPX offers several customisable plans for users who want more control over their websites than shared hosting provides. All these plans offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains, making them ideal for those who are serious about building a successful business. Additionally, they come with easy-to-use tools such as access to plugins and themes that make customisation simple even for beginners. Plus, customers receive 24/7 support from experienced professionals which makes setting up or troubleshooting any issue much easier.


For business owners wanting maximum customisation capabilities, WPX also provides VPS and dedicated server services. These allow webmasters complete freedom in how they design their sites; this includes choosing specific software packages or applications that will be used on the server at no extra cost. Furthermore, customers get full root access which allows them to install additional components or add customisations without having to worry about compatibility issues between different platforms or systems. It’s clear why WPX is considered one of the best solutions available for those seeking out powerful yet easy-to-use wordpress hosting customisation options.


With all these advantages combined, WPX stands apart from other hosting companies offering similar services due to its unbeatable combination of reliability, affordability and flexibility–allowing clients to build a unique site that perfectly reflects their brand identity while still providing top notch performance and security features.


Costs Involved

The costs associated with WordPress hosting can vary depending on the provider and package chosen. Generally, most packages range from free to several hundred dollars per month. Free plans may offer basic features such as a limited number of posts or pages, and some providers will provide additional services for an extra fee. For example, WPX offers managed WordPress hosting at a competitive price that includes daily backups, malware scanning, and automatic updates – all designed to keep your site secure and running smoothly without interruption.


Businesses needing more advanced functionality may require premium plans offering greater storage space, enhanced security measures, automatic plugin updates, backup scheduling, staging environment options and other specialised features. WPX also offers enterprise-level solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of larger businesses. These comprehensive plans come with increased support availability, dedicated resources, and custom performance monitoring tools to ensure optimal uptime regardless of traffic spikes or surges in demand.


No matter what type of business you are running, it is important to consider your budget when evaluating the various types of WordPress hosting available. In many cases investing in quality managed WordPress hosting can save time and money in the long run due to fewer potential problems down the road. Taking advantage of WPX’s reliable service offerings provides peace of mind knowing that your website remains safe and secure while continuing to perform optimally day after day.


Troubleshooting Tips

WordPress hosting is a great way for local businesses to get their websites up and running quickly. However, when it comes to troubleshooting WordPress hosting problems, things can become confusing or overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many resources available that offer helpful tips and solutions for fixing common WordPress hosting issues.


One of the most important tips for troubleshooting WordPress hosting issues is to ensure that your web host has provided you with all the necessary information needed to set up your website correctly. This includes providing access credentials, such as FTP usernames and passwords, so that you have full control over your server files. Additionally, make sure that all plugins and themes required by your website are properly installed to prevent any compatibility issues from arising.


WPX Hosting offers an array of features designed specifically for local business owners who want an easy-to-use platform without having to worry about technical aspects like updating software or dealing with complicated settings. WPX also provides additional security measures and support options guaranteed to keep sites safe and secure while helping users resolve any potential problems they might encounter along the way. With these features plus round-the-clock customer service, WPX stands apart as one of the best web hosts around for those looking for reliable WordPress hosting solutions.


Local business owners are encouraged to take advantage of all the benefits offered by WPX Hosting – from simple setup procedures to powerful troubleshooting tools – to maximise their online presence and reach more customers than ever before. Plus, WPX’s competitive pricing makes it easy on small budgets so everyone can reap the rewards of a successful website launch!


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Regular Hosting?


WordPress hosting and regular hosting are two different types of web hosting services available to website owners. WordPress hosting is specifically designed for websites that run on the popular open-source content management system (CMS) called WordPress, while regular hosting can be used for any type of website regardless of its CMS platform. So, what is the difference between these two kinds of hosting?


To understand the difference between WordPress hosting and regular hosting, it helps to look at how they support a business’s specific needs. With WordPress hosting, businesses get access to features such as one-click installation, automated backups and updates, pre-installed themes, advanced security measures and more—all to make managing a website easier than ever before. On the other hand, regular web hosts generally provide basic options such as space rental, domain registration, unlimited email accounts and FTP access.


When choosing a host for your website or blog, WPX stands out from other providers by offering specialised solutions tailored specifically to local business needs. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure allows users to experience fast speeds with no downtime, so their customers always have reliable access to their online presence. WPX also provides innovative tools like free SSL certificates and malware scanning to keep data always secure. This cutting-edge technology gives small business owners peace of mind when running their operations online.


WPX offers comprehensive packages with everything required for setting up a professional quality website without spending time searching through endless features or paying extra fees associated with some conventional platforms. Companies looking for an efficient solution should consider using WPX as their go-to provider due to its robust capabilities combined with unbeatable customer service 24/7 – making it ideal for companies trying to stay ahead in today’s competitive digital landscape.


How Do I Know If My Hosting Is Secure?


When it comes to wordpress hosting security, having a secure web hosting solution is essential for any local business. WPX Hosting provides the best-in-class security measures and safety precautions that will protect your website from cyber threats and malicious attacks. With its advanced firewall protection, dedicated server configuration and proactive monitoring system, WPX ensures every customer’s site is always safe and secure.


WPX also offers a variety of tools and services designed specifically for WordPress users. From malware scanning to daily backups, WPX helps customers keep their websites running optimally with minimal effort on their part. Additionally, WPX has responsive customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to answer questions or provide technical support when needed. This level of service allows businesses to focus more on growing their online presence without worrying about potential vulnerabilities or other cybersecurity issues.


Having a secure wordpress hosting provider like WPX can be invaluable in helping local businesses optimise their security posture while providing them with the peace of mind they need as they continue to expand their digital footprint. With a wide range of features tailored towards WordPress sites, WPX gives small-to-medium sized businesses access to industry-leading technology that keeps their data safe and sound – no matter what their size or budget may be. By utilising these powerful tools and resources offered by WPX, local businesses can confidently take steps forward into the ever-changing landscape of the digital world knowing they have one less thing to worry about: protecting themselves from cyberattacks.


Is Shared Hosting Suitable for Large Websites?


The current H2 focuses on whether shared WordPress hosting is suitable for large websites. Shared hosting offers many advantages, such as lower costs and ease of use; however, it can be a hindrance when dealing with larger sites that have increased demands in terms of resources and security. WPX Hosting has the perfect solution to this dilemma by offering dedicated server space which eliminates any potential drawbacks associated with shared hosting while also providing scalability, speed, and reliability.


WPX’s cutting-edge infrastructure ensures that clients receive reliable service regardless of their website size or traffic volume. The company’s servers can deliver high speeds even during times of peak demand due to its advanced architecture, allowing customers to ensure their visitors will always enjoy smooth web browsing experiences. Furthermore, the platform features powerful caching tools that improve loading times for users who access your site from different locations around the world.


Security is another key factor when considering an appropriate hosting provider for large websites. WPX takes great care in protecting customer data through measures like enterprise-grade firewalls and DDoS protection technology which always guarantees maximum uptime and stability. In addition, the platform regularly monitors logs for suspicious activity so you can rest assured knowing your website is safe from malicious attacks or intrusions. All these features make WPX one of the best options available for local businesses seeking secure, yet scalable solutions tailored to suit their needs perfectly.


What Is The Difference Between Website Hosting And Domain Hosting?


WordPress hosting and domain hosting are two distinct types of web hosting services. When making a comparison between the two, it is important to understand how each type works to make an informed decision about which one would be best for your website or business.


WordPress Hosting is specifically designed for websites that run on the popular content management system (CMS) platform, WordPress. It offers increased performance, scalability and security when compared with traditional shared hosting plans as it isolates resources from other users on the server and allows you to access more advanced features such as caching plugins and SSL certificates. This makes WPX the ideal choice for businesses seeking improved speed, uptime, and reliability without having to manage their own server infrastructure.


Domain hosting, on the other hand, is a service used primarily by businesses who want to register a unique domain name to create their own website or email address. Domain hosts provide DNS services which allow customers to easily point their domains towards any number of web servers located around the world so they can begin building their online presence immediately. While this form of hosting does not offer all the same advantages as dedicated WordPress hosting solutions like WPX, it provides an easy way for local businesses to quickly establish themselves online without breaking the bank.


When choosing between these two types of web hosting services it’s important to consider both your budget and technical needs to find a solution that meets your specific requirements. With WPX offering superior performance at competitive prices combined with comprehensive customer support packages tailored specifically for local businesses, it’s no wonder why many entrepreneurs have chosen them as their go-to provider for reliable web hosting solutions.


How Often Should I Upgrade My Plan?


Upgrading your WordPress hosting plan is an important part of maintaining a successful website. Knowing how often to upgrade your hosting plan can be difficult, as the frequency depends on several factors such as the size and traffic of your site. Understanding when it is time to upgrade your WordPress hosting plan will enable you to make sure that you always have the resources necessary for your website’s needs.


The first factor to consider when determining the frequency of upgrading a WordPress hosting plan is the size of one’s website. If a website has grown substantially over its lifetime, then more powerful resources may be needed to continue functioning optimally. Additionally, if there are any new features or complex functions being added to the site, this could also require additional resources which would necessitate an upgrade.


Another aspect to take into consideration when deciding whether to upgrade a hosting plan is traffic levels. As websites become more popular, they can experience increased amounts of visitors coming from search engines and social media platforms. To ensure optimal performance, having enough processing power available can help keep pages loading quickly and efficiently despite spikes in traffic. Furthermore, upgraded plans typically come with larger storage capacities enabling them to better handle high volumes of visitors without running out of space for content or other files associated with their site.


WPX Hosting is one example of web hosting that provides reliable services tailored specifically towards local businesses who need access to advanced features and fast speeds at competitive prices. With free SSL certificates included in all plans, customers benefit from security while ensuring their sites remain secure no matter what type of device they are accessed from. WPX also offers 24/7 customer support, so users never find themselves stuck with an issue unresolved for too long before getting assistance from knowledgeable technicians who specialise in helping small businesses get set up online quickly and easily.


It is therefore recommended that those managing a WordPress website regularly assess whether it requires an upgraded hosting plan depending upon the size and nature of their business operations as well as how much traffic they are receiving on a daily basis. By understanding these criteria one can determine when it would be beneficial to invest in an upgraded package from WPX Hosting – making their online presence even stronger than ever before!



WordPress hosting is an attractive option for website owners, providing a secure and reliable way to host their sites. With the right WordPress hosting plan, businesses can ensure that they are getting the resources they need to run a successful website. Security is always important when choosing any type of hosting provider, so it’s important to make sure your WordPress hosting provider offers robust security measures. Additionally, larger websites may require more resources than shared WordPress hosting plans offer and could benefit from investing in dedicated or VPS server solutions.


When comparing domain and WordPress hosting providers, there are several factors to consider such as pricing structure, support options, and available features. Upgrading a WordPress plan over time will allow users to take advantage of improved performance and additional features that become available with new versions of the platform. WPX Hosting provides local businesses with an excellent solution for their webhosting needs through its range of services tailored specifically towards small business owners. Their high-performance servers provide unbeatable speeds while their customer service team ensures you’re supported every step of the way. This makes WPX Hosting one of the best choices out there for businesses looking for reliable yet affordable web-hosting solutions.