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How to Rapidly Improve Your Local Business Visibility with CommonSenSEO

When someone is looking for a local product or service, a quick search on their mobile or computer will bring up many results, often starting with those businesses closest to them.

With this in mind, as a local or small business, you really should be doing all you can to get your brand in front of those eager seekers.

In fact, the more they see your business, brand, or product appearing in their line of sight, the more likely they are to buy from you.


So, what are the first 5 things you can do to start winning them over?


1.   Claim Your Google Business Profile

It should be Number One on the list of every local business to have claimed and be in control of their Google Business Profile.

Formerly known as the Google My Business listing, this no-cost business service is an absolute gem that delivers a premium punch when used correctly.

You might be surprised at how many businesses don’t take the time to claim their listing, but those who don’t will run the risk of simply handing their next customer right over to their competitors.

Don’t be the one to do that. Get on top of your Google Business Profile today and take the time to learn a bit about it. It will be time well spent.


2.   Get Your Website on Track to Convert.

People do still look at websites. If they need to develop trust with your business, it’s a great place to start.

Make sure the content (words and pictures) on your site is on target for your business type.

If you are a plumber, talk about the plumbing you do, the jobs you have done, and what makes you the best plumber in town.

If you are a lawyer, establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field, and make it easy to se why they need your services.


3.   Crack The Cor Web Vitals

Once your website is wooing your new customers, it’s increasingly important to get Google to fall in love with it too.

Core Web Vitals are what they say, the core vitals that Google expect your site to comply with.

Make your site fast, make it safe, and let it tell the right story to engage with your visitors.

If you don’t do this now, you can expect your site to start fading away from Google’s grace.


4.   Get Others to Shout Out About You.

To hit the high spots in Google and the other search engines, you really will benefit from 3rd party endorsements.

This might b through directory sites (such as Yell or Bark etc.), industry or trade specific organisations that prove your credibility, social media comments, links from other industry or locally recognised sites.


5.   And Keep Shouting Out About Yourself.

Don’t be afraid to put your brand or products out there for anyone to find.

Not everyone uses Google, some use Microsoft Bing, others use YouTube, or maybe Facebook, LinkedIn and on it goes almost forever.

The more you can be where your audience is looking, the better the chances are of getting their attention.

If you don’t do YouTube yet, try it!

If you don’t like Facebook, then put your bias aside.

You can’t really ever fully know where your next customer will come from, so the more places you lay in wait, the more chances you get to win their business.


And Finally

Once you have cracked the above, it could be time to start using those extra profits to run localised ads.

Done right, ads can rapidly grow a businesses fortunes. Done wrongly, it won’t be great.


So, if you think you are reaching the point where help would be the best to save you time and expensive mistakes, CommonSenSEO are here to pick up the pieces and work with you to

build your business.


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