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30+ agencies form new group to support reproductive rights

A new group – Agencies for Reproductive Rights (ARR) – has been formed by more than 30 search organizations. 

The group’s purpose. It is to provide abortion travel benefits for team members following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. According to the ARR’s website:

  • “Each agency … has agreed to cover travel expenses for employees seeking an abortion to the nearest state where legal and safe care is available.”

As Michael King, founder & CEO of iPullRank, put it on Twitter, “if you work at @iPullRankAgency and live in a state that doesn’t support a woman’s right, whatever plane, train or automobile you need to take is on us.”

There are still many details to work out, as the group was only formed over the weekend and announced today. What is for sure is that the group is free to join, and there is a form on the ARR site to do so.

Why the group formed. “I woke up Friday still reeling from the fact that my wife, Jill, and my two daughters, were just told by their government that they were basically second-class citizens and that the government had more say over what they could do with their own bodies than they did,” according to Andrew Shotland, CEO of Local SEO Guide.

The companies. These companies have joined ARR so far:

  1. Altura Interactive
  2. Amsive Digital
  3. Argent Media
  4. Beyond SEO
  5. BKW Partners / BKW Health
  6. Blind Five Year Old
  7. Boldist
  8. Boylan Point
  9. Captivate
  10. The Digital Marketers Organization
  11. Duda
  12. EPL Digital/Attorney Sync
  13. The Gray Dot Company
  14. Growth Plays
  15. Gulo Solutions
  16. Impressive Digital
  17. Intellifluence
  18. iPullRank
  19. Juris Digital
  20. LocalMN Interactive
  21. Local SEO Guide
  22. Local Splash
  23. Location3
  24. Marketing Mojo
  25. OpenMoves
  26. Anthony Palomerez
  27. Pasterneck Marketing
  28. Position 2
  29. Rickety Roo
  30. Search Labs
  31. Webfor

Why we care. Whether you are pro-abortion or anti-abortion, the Supreme Court’s decision is only starting to be felt in our industry. The ripple effects will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

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