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Debunking the 4 myths of consumer data privacy that are holding marketers back

Four years after the launch of GDPR and one year after Apple’s App Tracking Transparency release, marketers are still grappling with the reality of the privacy-first era as it turns the marketing “best practices” of the last decade on its head and exposes a level of uncertainty.

In this on-demand webinar, BlueConic’s COO and President, Cory Munchbach, was joined by Forrester Analyst and guest speaker, Stephanie Liu, to debunk 4 myths of consumer data privacy that are holding marketers back.

The presentation covers:

  • The spectrum of consumer preferences about their data privacy
  • What you can change about your marketing operation to adapt
  • How marketers use a customer data platform (CDP) to support a mutual value exchange between the business and the consumer

Access the recording here.

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