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Free event: Why marketers must learn financials and cyber security in 2022

More data, analytics, tools and tech means more opportunities for data breaches and financial modeling through digital marketing.  

On August 4th, Ignite Visibility is kicking off a new free event for marketers and entrepreneurs: Cybersecurity, Financials, and Digital Marketing.

Ignite’s CEO John Lincoln will join RG Alliance’s Ryan Saathoff and The Computer Admin President Kevin Fronczek to cover topics like:

  • The exact reports we use to understand company financials – and how to use them to drive digital marketing growth.
  • How to structure a digital marketing budget based on company supply, demand, and growth goals.
  • The four layers of security you should apply to protect your marketing assets
  • Kevin’s exact steps for creating complex passwords
  • How to determine if an email is legitimate, and four things not to do if you’re concerned about spam email in your inbox. 

Don’t miss this free online training taking place on the Ignite Visibility YouTube channel! 

Marketers will learn about the financial reports every business should run and how to use them to plan their marketing goals. You’ll also learn how to better protect their team and marketing data from online security threats. 

Because when you know how to do that, you can…

…develop clear criteria for setting cost per acquisition goals across the many marketing networks based on real financial frameworks.

…align company executives and internal marketing teams on an appropriate and effective budget based on real financial goals. 

…and arm your company and team with a tech stack needed to reduce the chances of a security issue.

We firmly believe that aligning these three things – financials, cybersecurity, and digital marketing – is the key to building a business that will succeed in the coming years. 

This is the event for you if:

  • You’re ready to scale your business and work within your existing budget to do so. 
  • You have a number of assets – including multiple account logins and passwords – that could put your data at risk of hackers and security breaches.
  • Your business is seeing an uptick in spam sends across your email and social media accounts, and is concerned that one click could expose your company’s sensitive data.   

Sound like you? Grab your spot for the free online event.

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