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Google Adds Content Guidelines Links For Bloggers, Hosts, E-Commerce Sites & More

Google added links to its overview of guidelines page with five-more links, keep in mind, that this content is not new, they were published back in April in the Google Search developer resources.

Please note, that after we wrote this, Google removed the docs for the blogger SEO practices. So I took a screenshot and added it to this story below.

The new links added (again, these pages were added in April 2022 to the site but the links on this page are new) include:

This was spotted by Michael Martinez, at least that is where I found it first.

I compared the cached version of the page when I wrote this to the live page to see the differences. I do not think I covered the best practices for bloggers help page, but again, it is from April. The rest, I believe we covered here.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Google has removed the blogger doc after I wrote this, here is a screenshot of that doc (click to enlarge):

click for full size