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Google Analytics v3 Search Console report currently not showing query data

Google Analytics, specifically the Universal Analytics 3 version and not Google Analytics 4, is currently not showing any query data within the integrated Search Console reporting. If you try to access your query data within Acquisition > Search Console > Queries, you will see the data for the past several days is shown as “not set.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot I pulled from one of the profiles I have in my Google Analytics profiles:

Google is aware. Google’s John Mueller responded on Twitter about this saying “I don’t have any insight on this at the moment, but the team has been looking into it.”

Will Google fix it? A lot of SEOs and marketers are asking if this is something Google will fix. With Universal Analytics 3 sunsetting on July 1, 2023, some are wondering if Google will bother fixing this integration path between Google Search Console and Google Analytics 3.

The report does currently seem to work within Google Analytics 4 and you can also access the data directly in Google Search Console.

Why we care. If you depend on this report in Google Analytics 3, be aware that currently there is some sort of issue where the Search Console query data is not flowing to the report. It is unclear if or when this will be resolved, so you might want to plan an alternative approach to accessing this data. Either check Search Console directly or make the switch to GA4.

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