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Google: Clicking On Your Site In Google Search Won’t Hurt Or Help Your Rankings

One of the oldest myths in the Google SEO-verse is that clicking on your search results in Google Search will help you rank better. Google does not and has never used click data for ranking purposes (with the exception of a short period of Google+ data being used in Google Search).

The question someone asked John Mueller of Google the other day was, yea, okay, so it doesn’t help but does it hurt? If you get an army of people clicking on your site in Google Search daily, will that lead to some Google penalty?

The answer is no, it does not hurt either. It does not hurt or help to have people clicking on your site in Google Search to try to manipulate Google’s rankings in a positive or negative manner for that site.

Google has said it countless times, CTR does not impact rankings and bot clicks don’t either.

Here are the new tweets on this topic:

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