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Google Consolidates Tips On Preventing Spam On Your Site In Help Docs

Google has added a new section to its quality guidelines category named “Prevent abuse on your site and platform” yesterday. The content is mostly not new, it is mostly from a 2017 Google blog post on how to protect your site from user generated spam and has now been consolidated into the core documentation.

Google has, over the past few years, been excellent at content consolidation and improving their Google help documentation – especially in the Google Search realm. This is one more example of this.

This new section goes through these sections:

  • Tell users that you don’t allow spam on your service
  • Identify spammy accounts
  • Use manual approval for suspicious user interactions
  • Use a blocklist to prevent repetitive spamming attempts
  • Block automated account creation
  • Monitor your service for abuse

None of this is SEO specific, but rather how to make sure your pages don’t have spam on them. As someone who manages a site that has a comments section, like this one, I am all to aware of all of these tips.

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