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Google: Crawl Spikes Aren’t Global, Normally Noticed On A “Per Site Vibe”

There is an interesting conversation on Twitter about Google crawling spikes and (1) if these spikes are global or on a per-site basis and (2) if the URL parameter tool going offline caused a global spike in crawling.

If you don’t want to read more, the short answer crawl fluctuations and spikes are not normally a global thing but more on a site-by-site basis. Plus, John Mueller of Google said that the URL parameter tool going offline likely would not result in any spikes to crawling.

Ben Cook and Rebecca Lehmann asked on Twitter:

John responded that this would likely be unrelated to that tool going offline:

Adding that these things are more on a site by site “vibe” and not a global thing:

I figured I’d highlight this conversation, as I found it somewhat interesting myself.

Forum discussion at Twitter.