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Google Labor Day Logo 2022

Google Labor Day Logo 2022

Today is Labor day in the United States and in Canada and to celebrate the laborers’ work and contributions to their states, Google has a Doodle. The Doodle showcases plumbers, farmers, painters, bakers, handy workers, and delivery folks.

As you can see above, in the traditional Google Doodle sense, it is made out of the Google logo.

Google wrote:

Today’s Doodle celebrates Labor Day in the United States and Canada. The federal holiday honors the hard work and achievements of working people, and recognizes their immense contributions to society.

During the Industrial Revolution, many Americans arduous shifts, seven days a week to make a living. This led to the birth of the labor movement, as workers formed labor and trade unions to advocate for rights. Through strikes and rallies, they protested the dangerous working conditions, minimal breaks and poor pay.

The holiday originated in the late 19th century as the labor movement was gaining momentum across the U.S. On September 5th, 1892, the Central Labor Union organized a parade in New York City’s Union Square—where thousands of workers took unpaid time off and gathered for the first unofficial celebration of Labor Day. After the Union Square parade inspired similar events across the country, the U.S. government officially declared the first Monday in September as a federal holiday in 1894.

People commemorate the holiday today with parties, picnics and vacations. While the three-day weekend is a chance for one last break before summer ends, it is also a reminder of how far our country has come in advancing workers’ rights. Thanks to all the past and current labor activists who have raised our nation’s standard of living!

Happy Labor Day to all!

Again, this is just live in the US and Canada.

As a reminder, Google use to post small American flags but nothing more on Labor Day. Even dating back to 2004 and 2005, Google didn’t post a Labor Day logo. But that stopped in 2016 with their first Labor Day logo and has since had a Doodle every year.

I will try to keep it light today because of the holiday and because I just got back from a long vacation and I have so much to dig out of, so much mail, so much stuff.

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