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Google Products Carousel Displays Product Reviews Under Appears On These Lists

March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update

Google has a section named “appears on these lists” that will show you which product review content (or comparison lists) has mentioned the product you are looking at. This works both on desktop and mobile and is displayed after you click on a product in the product carousel or product grid on mobile.

Brian Freiesleben posted about this on Twitter and I can replicate it. He said “Google is linking to affiliate review sites from the popular products carousel under “Appears on these lists”. It appears just below “Top insights”. Another example of how Google is taking efforts to provide users with more reviews information review info Google trusts.”

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Honestly, looking at those product review listings, it doesn’t seem like that content is super high quality – the type of content you’d expect to see out of the product reviews update. But to be fair, these are labeled, “on these lists.”

FYI, this is from March:

Forum discussion at Twitter.