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Google Search News Box News Link Now Clickable

The Google Search news box has a header named “News” for some queries. That header was never clickable until just recently. Now, you can click on the header and it will take you into the Google News search engine.

This was spotted by eagled-eye news watcher Shalom Goodman on Twitter who wrote “A clickable News link to take you to the current news.” I personally can replicate, so it seems like this is now rolled or rolling out?

Here are screenshots you can click on to enlarge:

With mouse cursor hovered over the link:

With mouse cursor NOT hovered over the link:

Other headers, like “Top Stories” do not seem clickable to me, but that makes sense.

And by the way, I hear Shalom is getting married tomorrow – Mazal Tov to you and your bride! As a wedding gift, maybe give Shalom a follow @ShalomGood.

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