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Google Tag Adds Tap Coverage Summary, Ads, Analytics & CMS Integration

Google has updated the Google tag (the new Google tag) to include a new tap coverage summary and offering deeper Google Ads, Google Analytics, and various CMS integrations. Google wrote “we’re unveiling another set of capabilities that provide more visibility into your site’s measurement coverage and simplify the setup.”

The new Tag coverage summary, you can quickly determine whether your Google tag has been implemented on all of your website pages. You can use the Tag coverage summary to see which pages of your website have the Google tag installed and quickly identify pages that are not tagged.

This summary will show you where your tags are implemented in suggested pages, which can be added to your summary to understand your tag coverage on these pages later. Also, if the suggestions do not include all of your website pages, you can quickly add the URLs by entering them or uploading a CSV file. Finally, you can also click the Tag Assistant icon next to each page to investigate whether your tags are implemented properly.

Google will be adding easier integration with Google Ads and Google Analytics in the coming weeks. Google said these integrations will be built into “the through account setup and conversion setup flows in Google Ads and Google Analytics.” These new features will make it faster and easier to set up conversion measurements. You won’t need to add more code to your website, which often relies on technical expertise or assistance from other departments. During the setup process, you will be directed to set up the Google tag or reuse an existing one during account setup.

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Plus, some popular CMS platforms also added integration. This allows advertisers using a content management system can set up a Google tag without making changes to their website code.

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