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Google Tests Search Bar With Refinements Mixed With Vertical Navigation

Google is testing mixing the search bar, where you normally see the vertical search options like videos, maps, images, shopping, news, etc – but also showing refinements for your searches. So in the example below, you can see Google videos, images as an option but also in the same bar, near me and in the world and others.

This was spotted by Saad AK on Twitter who shared a couple of examples and recorded them. I’ll embed those below, but let me zoom in on what is new here.

Here is the classic search bar on mobile:

Here is the new test:

Yes, this looks like the new search bar menu button interface but it is more, Google is mixing in search refinements with the main menu buttons to access vertical search features.

Here are the videos Saad shared:

This is neat but will searchers find this confusing? I guess Google has to test it to see?

Forum discussion at Twitter.