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Google Traffic Quality Site Adds More Invalid Traffic Examples

Google’s Aurora Morales posted on Twitter that her team has updated the Google Ads Traffic Quality site to provide more examples of what is invalid traffic. The previous site had seven examples, the new site now has twelve examples.

This is the old list based on the Wayback Machine:

  • What is invalid user activity?
  • What are some examples of invalid activity?
  • What is advertising fraud?
  • What is display impression fraud?
  • What is click fraud?
  • What are advertising botnets?
  • Working with industry groups to prevent invalid activity.

Here is the new list:

  • Invalid user activity
  • Accidental Clicks
  • Ad Hiding
  • Ad Injection
  • Ad Stacking
  • Botnets
  • Clickjacking
  • Falsely Represented Inventory
  • Misrepresentation of in-stream and out-stream video
  • Malware
  • Pop-under ad
  • Industry collaboration is essential in the fight against invalid activity

Here is what Aurora shared on Twitter:

Forum discussion at Twitter.