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Jewish High Holy Days Approaching: Google Shares Tips On How To Temporarily Close Your Site

Next week the High Holy Days begin for the Jewish people and some of us will be offline (I will be offline) and some more righteous folks actually disable functionally, like checkout processes, on their sites on the holidays and even on Shabbat (Saturday).

With these days approaching, John Mueller of Google reshared some tips on how to temporarily close your site on specific days.

As a reminder, we’ve talked a lot about sites that close down once a week or more for religious purposes, specifically closing on Shabbat. We were concerned about how GoogleBot handles it, will rankings drop and what about sites that show interstitials as a message to their customers about being closed, will they be hit by the penalty? Google more recently shared site closing tips and and added documentation on pausing a site with having the least harm to your SEO.

Now, John shared a Twitter thread summarizing a lot of this older advice:

Forum discussion at Twitter.