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LinkedIn Business Manager is now in public beta

The creation of LinkedIn Business Manager was announced in June and finally rolled out yesterday for public beta.

How it works. The new business manager dashboard allows advertisers who manage multiple ad accounts to grant access to ad accounts and pages, create and edit campaigns, manage pages, and create reports.

Matched Audiences. Matched audiences allow you to retarget your website visitors, and upload lists of accounts or emails to target within LinkedIn. Through the new Business Manager, you can share those matched audiences across all accounts. 

Start using LinkedIn Business Manager. You can create a Business Manager account here. When you move your current ad accounts under the Business Manager umbrella, all settings including current campaigns and billing remain the same. 

What LinkedIn said. In a blog post, the LinkedIn product team explains:

Unlike invite-only betas, our public beta is open to all marketers who want to use Business Manager. We’re keeping the ‘beta’ label on the product for now to set the stage for all the terrific new features we plan to add to the Business Manager experience in the future.

Why we care. I don’t see a downside to LinkedIn Business Manager at the moment. Managing separate LinkedIn pages and ad accounts is a tedious process and this launch is way overdue. However, as their product team indicates, labeling the product as beta allows them to continually add and test new features. Be sure to keep an eye on your accounts for additional updates and changes in the near future.

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