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Microsoft launched 5 new ad products and updates

Microsoft just announced five new ad products and updates available to advertisers immediately.

  • Pinterest Import
  • Performance Max beta
  • Multimedia Ads support in Editor
  • Cruise, Tours and Activities ads
  • Subdomains in Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

Pinterest Imports. Microsoft’s Import tools allow advertisers to import campaigns from Google and Facebook into Microsoft, for easier setup and quicker launch. Now, advertisers can import campaigns from Pinterest as well. Changes to bids, budgets, and other campaign settings are available.

Audiences will not be imported, so Microsoft advises that advertisers should use the Audience network Planner to identify target audiences before campaigns are launched.

Performance Max beta. Google Performance Max campaigns can be imported as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads in Microsoft. The feature is intended to simplify duplicating your campaigns across platforms when using Google Performance Max campaigns.

This feature is currently in beta, but advertisers who are interested can reach out to their account reps to sign up. The chart below is how each feature would be mapped into Microsoft.

Support for Multimedia Ads in Editor. Support for managing Multimedia Ads for search campaigns in the Ads Editor is now available in all markets.

Multimedia Ads is a responsive search ad format that allows the use of large images placed on the mainline and right rail ad positions.

Cruise, Tours and Activities ads. Cruise, Tours and Activities ads are now available to all eligible advertisers. Previously, both ad formats were only available to advertisers in the US and UK.

Subdomains in DSAs. Subdomains for DSAs are now available in all eligible markets. Now, advertisers can use subdomains in addition to top-level domains in their campaigns. The list of eligible markets where subdomains are available is here.

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Read the announcement. You can read the full announcement from Microsoft here.

RSA reminder. Microsoft extended RSA migration to February 2023.

Why we care. Import tools give Microsoft Ads users a greater ability to duplicate, modify, and manage their ad campaigns faster and easier from other platforms. Advertisers who also manage Pinterest, Smart Shopping, LSAs, or travel accounts should test the new products if they are eligible.

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