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Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Mother’s Day Algorithm Update, Google I/O News, Horrid SEO Advice In Googleâ��s Courses, New Ad Format & More

Google had a big unconfirmed search ranking algorithm update around Mother’s Day. Also, this week was Google I/O and Google had a ton of announcements specific to search, I take you through many of them. Google’s digital marketing certification coursework had some pretty bad SEO advice around keyword density and word count but it later took it out. Google also released a new search appearance filter named translated results in the search performance report. Google will also release a new video indexing page report in the future. Google added troubleshooting your title links to the help documents and also added a new help document for valid page metadata. Google also now supports education Q&A structured data with a new help document. Google also allows FAQs schema on different sections of the page. Did you know that Google Search Console may stop collecting data when you stop accessing Search Console for a long time? Google said when it comes to the product reviews update your content should add new information to the body of knowledge. Google is testing a new search ad format with large swipeable images. Google added new business guidelines for local results for virtual food brands, like MrBeast Burgers. Google Maps has a new feature to prompt users to answer this question. Google Search added a popular destinations carousel. Microsoft Bing is testing interesting reads. Also Bing has a new top rated tutors carousel that links to TakeLessons, which is a property Microsoft owns. Bing’s Wikipedia box in the search results now can scroll. Bing added “see results for” on the left hand side bar. Google Universal Analytics changed the title of the real time analytics to “in the last 5 minutes.” Google has upset Mark Cuban with fake Shark Tank search results. We also have a recap with the Google Search Central Unconference. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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