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Vlog #173: Lior Krolewicz On What It Takes To Be A Good Search Marketers

Lior Krolewicz

In part one with Lior Krolewicz is the founder and CEO of Yael Consulting, a marketing consulting company, we spoke about the IDF and how paid search has changed. In part two we spoke about PPC software, Google Ads automation and bugs with ad platforms. Now in this last part, part three, we spoke about what it means to be a good marketer.

Lior explained that google marketers care about its clients and its businesses. So finding people who deeply and truly care about helping people, that shortens the learning curve in training new staff and making for good marketers. He said, pretend this is your money and make a decision as if it was your money. A lot of his clients become friends and they have a strong relationship with each of their clients. He never locks in clients into long contracts, he will even give clients free audits because he doesn’t feel the client can benefit too much from his services.

He also said a great marketer has a good balance between being analytical and creative. So from understanding the problems and data through analytics and then coming up with creative ways to come up with a solution. Great marketers should also enjoy growing businesses with new ideas and so forth.

Often giving honest advice, even if that advice does not help you today, it may come back to help you years and years later. Small business owners may be more sensitive to their small business clients because small business owners get the challenges and stress involved in running a small business. So maybe small businesses have those advantages in helping customers in a better way?

He then shared a quick case study of orthopedic shoes client. Lior paid for it out of his own money, the client got burned twice before and was scared, so he took money out of his own pocket, and in the first month they went from $20,000 in sales in a month to $500,000 in sales in a month.

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