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Vlog #185: Sarah Burke On The Benefits Of Google Analytics 4 & Why Data Dashboards Are Important

Sarah Burke

In part one, we learned about Sarah Burke, the Data and Analytics Manager at Cypress North. We also spoke about some of the differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics 3. Here we talk about the benefits of Google Analytics 4.

Some of the benefits of Google Analytics 4 include:

  • Cross-domain tracking is better
  • Bot filtering is better
  • Debug view is nice
  • Event scope segments
  • Attribution model option
  • Big Query integration
  • Customize the sidebar

I mentioned some of the confusion around Firebase and Google Analytics 4 and how making a new profile for Firebase can cause issues. This is a topic most people don’t talk about and you should be aware.

Sarah then spoke about how important it is to have the data talk to each other in a single dashboard tool. So the importance of bringing all data from various data platforms into one location to get a holistic view. So bring in your Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Search Console, GA4, etc into one place. She uses a lot of CRM software and prefers Hubspot, but they all have mechanisms to integrate with.

I then went off on a tangent of Hubspot’s office and worked from home, sorry about that.

You can learn more about Sarah Burke on Twitter @DataBySarah or on LinkedIn.

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