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Walmart is now selling ads on TikTok, Roku, and Snap

For the first time ever, Walmart is expanding its ad reach beyond its own ecommerce platform by powering ads on TikTok, Roku, and Snap. Walmart will also have the capability to measure any sales that come from those ads.

Expanding their ad business. Walmart has a $2 billion ad business and has been expanding tremendously, as of late. Their self-service Marketplace now allows advertisers and brands to promote their products by completing their enrollment in minutes, not days.

Walmart has also been increasing the number of ad tech companies and agencies that have access to their API. Walmart uses The Trade Desk as its ad platform, which allows advertisers and brands to use Walmart data to buy ads.

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On the heels of the competition. Kroger has already entered this market by fostering deals with Roku and Pinterest, and has extended its own ad business by working with tech partners PubMatic and Magnite.

Did deeper. Read the full announcement from Business Insider.

Why we care. Advertisers and retailers who are interested in Walmart’s audience should consider setting up an ad account and testing an ad campaign. Walmart also integrates with several ecommerce PPC management tools, so execution should be a breeze.

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