local Global Marketing merges with CommonSenSEO

CommonSenSEO Strengthens it’s Local Marketing Services

On 1st Maarch 2019, Local Global Marketing Ltd will become a part of the CommonSenSEO brand.

If you visit the Local Global Marketing website at any point after 1st March 2019, you will find yourself redirected to this page.

Once here, we urge you to browse the CommonSenSEO portfolio of products and services, as these are now even more powerful and
value-driven as even the Local Global Marketing services were.

Contacting Local Global Marketing

If you call the Local Global Marketing number, on 0800 808 5567, you will be put through to the CommonSenSEO offices.

Don’t worry though, all the staff will remain, so if you had built relationships with any team members, then these will continue through into our new brand.

A Bigger Team to Deliver More Solutions

One of the great outcomes from this brand blending is the combining of two great teams of people.

Not only do we maintain the exceptional SEO Experts, we also bring on board new website designers, strategic planners, and some support staff that have brought a whole new meaning to the power word we use in our descriptions.
. and some extremely

We hope you will be settled in with our new identity just as quickly as we are settling down to work as a new and exciting company.

If you do have any concerns, please call us on 0800 808 5567.

Other than that, we look forward to seeing you within the CommonSenSEO community.

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