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Lincoln is one of the world’s greatest small cities

The combination of a vibrant atmosphere and community spirit makes a great place to build and grow your business.

Combine this with the local seo expertise of CommonSenSEO, and you are onto a winning business venture.

Why Choose Lincoln?

Lincoln was recently voted 6th in the top ten best business startup cities.

After assessing 69 cities across the UK, Lincoln was ranked 6th based on the eight key factors defined by the business solutions company, Quality Formations.

Lincoln is also  A Great Place to do Business. Much of the work that Lincoln BIG do to attract shoppers and visitors to the city centre also benefits all city centre businesses by making it a better place for customers, visitors and staff alike.

For Entertainment

Opened in 2006, The Engine Shed is the largest live music and entertainments venue facility in Lincoln.

The venue has welcomed some of the biggest and best artists working in the entertainments industry, such as Stereophonics, Kings of Leon, Simple Minds and so many others from the world of music, theatre and comedy.

For History

Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire, and is one of the finest historic cities in Britain. It lies on the River Witham and is dominated by its magnificent hilltop cathedral, one of the largest in England.
Rivaling London in importance during the Roman occupation, many traces of it’s history remain – remnants of the old city wall, aqueduct and well can still be seen. The 3rd-century Newport Arch is also thought to be the only Roman arch still used by traffic.
In Viking times, Lincoln was also an important trading centre, producing coins at its own mint.
The Bailgate area, centred around the magnificent 900 year old medieval cathedral and the well-preserved Norman castle, is full of attractive buildings, including fine 16th century and Georgian properties. It also boasts many perfectly preserved medieval houses, as well as several remaining Roman town gates.

Lincoln was described in the Domesday Book as a prosperous town with a sizable population.

Following its integration into the railroad network in 1846, Lincoln became a center of the iron and steel industry.
While manufacturing is still important, Lincoln is today becoming more widely known for it’s booming economy, fuelled by the highly-regarded and ever-growing Lincoln University, making the economy one of the most dynamic in the UK.

For Tourism

Lincoln is famous for its Christmas Market. Each year, on the first full weekend of December, nearly half-a-million people visit the city to buy festive gifts, eat festive food and ride the fairground attractions in the castle grounds and the streets around the cathedral.
This is a major boost for Lincoln business, and an event that benefits the entire city, not just the Bailgate area, where the market is centred.

And Back To SEO

We hope the above overview of the city gives you inspiration and an excitement for business success in Lincoln.
CommonSenSEO are proud of their Lincoln heritage, and certainly understand the culture, business landscape and marketing opportunities it brings.

To learn how CommonSenSEO can make your business reach the top in Lincoln, please call today on 0800 808 5567

CommonSenSEO is an SEO Agency located in Lincoln UK. We make Search Engine Optimization – On-Page, Off-Page and branded citations for your business. Let’s not forget Google My Business a central Google listing that would help your online presence.

How much does SEO Services cost per month?

It depends on your niche and competition and what needs to be done. Just to list a few:

1. On Page Optimization
2. Off Page Optimization
3. How much citation needs to be done
4. Has a Google My Business been created
5. Has the Google My Business been optimized?
6. Does the website need a new BluePrint?
7. Has there been done a proper keyword analysis?

These are just some of the things that influence the pricing. Contact us on +44 800 033 6014

What is SEO marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of optimizing your page or pages so they better can be found in search results. SEO Marketing is the strategy of using this method to get free traffic to your website not taking into account direct traffic.

Can you work alongside my Webdesigner doing SEO Marketing?

Yes, we can work with your Webdesigner to structure the website and the pages in a way that you get the maximum effect of your SEO Strategies.

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