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Business Core Web Vitals Starter Plan

What you get

  • A Full business website – built out with key pages for customer and search engine success
  • Hosting on one of the UK’s fastest web hosting platforms.
  • Up to 3 Business email accounts.
  • All the security needed to protect your business.
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation for ever-changing ranking compliance.

What this means

The Website Will Inlcude:

  • Your customer-converting home page
  • About Us and Contact Us pages to help engage your new customers
  • A full set of policy pages, tailored to your specific business needs
  • Up to three product pages, or informational pages

The Hosting will Include:

  • Fully managed hosting, including backups and regular security scans
  • Hosted on cutting-edge, fastest UK web servers
  • SSL Security and core web vitals compliance

The email service will include

  • Three email addresses for key contacts
  • SPF, DKIM & DMARC policies for assured security and in-boxing
  • Emails delivered to the devices you choose.

What you will pay:

    • This service costs £25 per month (+VAT)
    • This price is guaranteed for as long as you keep the subscription
  • It includes any changes needed, whenever needed, no matter what that involves

Ready to Start?

  • Sign up Today – For £25 (+ £5.00 VAT)
  • Get your new website delivered online within 14 days
  • Rest assured our team will do everything to make your website succeed

Don’t forget, if you ever fall out of love with our services, let us know, and if we can’t mend your broken heart, we will help you move to a new and happy place, and refund your last payment as our goodbye and good luck gesture.

Just one last thing:

We know this service pack is a massive amount of value, but if you really want to max-out the power of your website, you really ought to give extra thought to our enhanced services, such as: