COVID-19: Get Your Business On Track For Growth


  • Is your business suffering in the wake of COVID-19?
  • Are you struggling to find the right path for re-growth?
  • Do you see a growth opportunity online, but don’t know how to make this move?



As recovery from COVID-19 for Small Business moves cautiously forwards, and local businesses emerge from their enforced closures, it is now noticeable how consumers have changed their buying habits.
Faced with no other options, many buying decisions that would have arrived at our doors, are being taken online, and handed to those with the agility and ability to have already moved into clear sight,ready capitalising on the ever-increasing ecom £m’s migration.


Adapting The Approach To Sales

The coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the way that consumers engage with any buying decision.
Although consumers were typically starting their research online, even prior to COVID-19, online is also increasingly becoming the end-point too.
As businesses prepare to emerge from closure or reduced sales opportunities, it is imperative that the buyer landscape is understood, and in direct alignment to your own business.

  • Are you ready to move your sales online?
  • Are you already online in some format?
  • Are your local competitors already online?
  • Are your newly emerging national and international competitors gaining dominance in local searches?
  • Do you have a strategy or capability to address the above points?

If the above leaves many unanswered questions, then maybe it is time to consider some of the following strategies for renewed growth post-COVID.


Investing in SEO for Online Exposure

Although often forgotten, overlooked or simply misunderstood, SEO is perhaps THE most powerful toolset to trigger your brand recovery.

  1. It will place your brand in front of people who are looking specifically for you and your product or service.
  2. It will enable you to dominate over your competitors.
  3. It will deliver the right customer to you, at the right time.

All assuming your SEO campaign is done right, of course.


SEO-generated Consumer Traffic

When consumers arrive at your online sites or social accounts, they are far more likely to convert into buyers, than if driven by online ads. This is because the consumer is more engaged in actively seeking out information, most probably with a specific needs to be addressed.

In times of reduced opportunities, such as during the COVID-19 lockdowns and limitations, marketing budgets are often the first to be reduced.
In reality, SEO spend is really where your money gives most return over time, as a good SEO implementation will deliver organic traffic, reducing ad spend and ad campaign failure.


Using Google My Business to Drive New Consumers to Your Offers

Google My Business is an often overlooked powerhouse of marketing opportunity.
It is clear however that most local business owners don’t fully understand or optimise their GMB presence.
The first task should be to check that your address, phone number, website and hours of operation are accurate.
Check that your GMB is linking to your website, and that visitors to your website can find your GMB listing.
Next, make sure you are regularly posting updates, offers and photographs to your GMB to help strengthen your placement within the Top 3.


Don’t Forget Your Content

Content Marketing is a blend of getting important or interesting information to your consumers, while at the same time, telling Google what keywords you want to be found for.
Content is not just for your website though. It is also important to have a network of social media accounts, all reaching into your community, ready to be found by consumers in their moment of need.
Content is critical for building brand awareness and an understanding of your ‘business voice’.
When the world is online, looking for information leading to a buying decision, it makes sense that the information you provide is helpful, friendly, and reassuring.


Newsletters For Greater Engagement

At a time when consumers are not just walking through doors, or window shopping, it is important to find new ways to engage in a meaningful way.
Newsletters can offer that way, giving you a perfect opportunity to keep the interest alive.

Of course, a newsletter should tie in along with your website, your social media activity, and any other online marketing assets.

It might be worth bearing in mind, that if the customers are not currently crossing your threshold, for whatever the reason, it’s probably better to level your newsletters and other social outpourings at engagement, curiousity and interest, rather than outright sales. Build the relationship now, and in time, when the world starts returning to your door, you will have built a strong loyalty base.


Give Your Website a Makeover

On days when you are struggling to find motivation for work, or when work is simply not arriving at your desk, you could turn your attendtions to your website.
It’s amazing how many business owners don’t ever bother thinking about why a customer visits their site, whether they can find what they want easily, or if the overall experience is good.

Most of the factors mentioned in the last paragraph are important. Google will consider visitor bounce rate, user engagement and plenty of other things too, when ranking your site.

Now we totally understand that you probably won’t know everything about websites, how google analyse them, and how to make them better. You should however be able to see whether the page loads quick enough, whether someone can find the things they need quickly, and if those visitors can reach out to you easily.

In fact, maybe this could be the start of a relationship with CommonSenSEO. You might like us to check over your website and give you some pointers. We would be most happy to do that for sure, and at no cost to you whatsoever.


Remember To Be Social

While businesses are still facing localised closures, social media becomes one of the most important ways to communicate with your customer base.
Even if it is just information about your opening, re-opening, adjusted hours of business, or safety policies for ensuring customer safety.

If you worry about the time this takes, and the potential return on that time investment, just think, so many people are at home, whether working or not. These people are accessing the internet far more than ever before, and so, in that context, it absolutely can provide a positive ROI.

In fact, why not run a competition leading up to Christmas or the New Year.
This is an extremely effective way of building awareness, and doesn’t need to cost the earth to implement.


Now Is The Time For Action

We have covered so many tips and ideas above, it’s probably harder now to know where to start.
So, if you are ready to take best use of this time, and leverage the array of marketing opportunityes to help you rebound from COVID-19, we have one simple step for you to take…
Call Us on 0800 808 5567
We are here to help, and with ways that will help you grow quicker, stronger and faster than you are probably believing right now.

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