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Different Audiences

LinkedIn matched audiences: How to get started

LinkedIn can be a difficult platform to master, but with the right combinations of targeting and messaging brands can see success in generating results. Matched audiences allow you to reach people who have engaged with your business in some way and go after lists of “dream companies” that you…

How to tell a story with data and elevate your client reporting

In 2009, anthropological researchers made $8,000 on trinkets for which they paid just $1.25 each. What made these items feel valuable to buyers? Each trinket was accompanied by a compelling story written in the item’s eBay description.  The fact is, stories sell — whether you’re exp…

17 content optimization mistakes affecting ROI

Content optimization directly impacts ROI. The better the content for users and search engines, the more it drives results such as visibility, traffic, conversions, and loyalty. Even Ross Hudgens confirms it to be a mature content marketing strategy.  That’s why we now see people a…