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Google updates

Google Updates Crawl Stats Report Help Docs

Google has also updated the crawl stats report help documentation last week. Google made a lot of support documentation changes in the past week including product rich results, Googlebot doc, job posting help doc, moving the HTTP status codes doc and also this crawl stats report help document. …

Should your business ever take a break from doing SEO?

For so many reasons it can be tempting to stop doing SEO for a period of time – maybe it’s budget, maybe you’ve had a bad experience with your SEO vendor or maybe you’re not seeing the results you thought you’d see. When that happens, should you take a break from SEO? And if you do, w…

Why 100% indexing isn’t possible, and why that’s OK

When it comes to topics like crawl budget, the historic rhetoric has always been that it’s a problem reserved for large websites (classified by Google as 1-million-plus webpages) and medium-sized websites with high content change frequency. In recent months, however, crawling and indexing have…