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25 tips to optimize your content for people and search engines

Google’s helpful content update has finished rolling out, and while it didn’t create the impact many anticipated , it’s certainly turned our attention to reviewing and improving content. What we have determined is that Google is making more steps toward serving content written for people, by …

It’s time to de-frenzy PPC

I have a secret to share. I’m almost embarrassed by it in this hustle culture, but I’m also proud of it.  My secret is that I obsess over keeping PPC at our little agency frenzy-free (as much as possible).  Sure, there’s the occasional client mishap, last-minute promo, and late-nigh…

PPC management for e-commerce: 28 tools to explore

Managing ad campaigns can be daunting and laborious. Once campaigns are launched you need to actively manage them by monitoring and making adjustments on a regular basis. This, along with other marketing tasks, can be overwhelming for managers, causing important notifications and optimization oppor…