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SEO Copywriting

25 tips to optimize your content for people and search engines

Google’s helpful content update has finished rolling out, and while it didn’t create the impact many anticipated , it’s certainly turned our attention to reviewing and improving content. What we have determined is that Google is making more steps toward serving content written for people, by …

5 questions to evaluate any SEO training course

Investments in e-learning in 2022 are up, and there’s no sign of slowing. The global e-learning market will surpass $243 billion in 2022 , Statista estimates.  E-learning was already a growing segment when the pandemic fueled record numbers in online learning for corporations, people and st…

How to use relationships to level up your SEO

As search engines evolve to understand language in a more sophisticated way, relationships are becoming ever more important in SEO. Semantic search is here to stay so it’s time to pay attention to connections and associations to take your SEO content to a new level.  Using entities in your con…