Pircture of entreprenur Henrik Blicher Hansen

Henrik Blicher Hansen

Henrik Blihcer Hansen a serial entreprenur and the founder of Socialis Ipsum Ltd., Lincoln, United Kingdom together with Tony Grant. He has an extensive experience in Banking, IT-industry and is a seasoned SEO. He is the eventor of the GMB Mega Poster by GMB Factory as software that helps SEO Agencies and businesss to mange their Google My Business properties and is an experet in Google My Business. Together with Tony Grant he has formed Business Website Mastery, CommonSenSEO and several other brands focusing on helping business getting seen on search engines. He has Co-found and is a Director of Green Sea Guard Ltd. a company that has develped a unit to measure emissions in the Exhaust of ships and uses Internet of Things to monitor emissions patterns and ship engines optimizations. He is also a Co-founder and Director of House of Santon Ltd., a company involved in ship design, marina design and ship building and development of automatisation technologies in the Maritime industry.



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