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Email: Managing Your Email Accounts Professionally and Affordably on The CommonSenSEO Show No.21

Managing Your Email Accounts is one of those under-discussed, but overly frustrating topics that we, as Internet Marketers, need to deal with.

We could rely on mail services provided by our hosting companies, but this is fraught with problems for reasons we cover in today’s show.

We could (and in fact do) manage our own mail servers, but is this a technical goliath we really need to take on?

And then there is the question of outbound mail and autoresponders.

So on this week’s show, Henrik and Tony will be talking about the good and the bad practices when it comes to managing mail as an Agency or Internet Marketing business.

We have invited special guests to join us, so the questions can get as techy as you need.

Please join us on Tuesday 11th June at 10:30am EST (16:30pm CET) and let’s put those email issues to one side and out of worries way.

Please Note: The options we discuss are the ones we either use or have used, this does not mean they are the absolute best in all instances, but it does mean we trust them, feel they offer great value, and also feel confident to share them with you.

Most of the services we discuss today are not because of any affiliate or special deal between CommonSenSEO and/or the companies that provide them.

The idea here is to bring new ideas to the table that make Common Sense, to us at least.

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