Creating Automated Social Media Web2.0 Networks for SEO Boosts on The CommonSenSEO Show No.26

Creating Automated Social Media Web2.0 Networks for SEO Boosts is the topic for this week’s CommonSenSEO Show.

One of the integral parts of any SEO campaign should be a branded or related social media network of Web2.0 properties.

By interlinking key social accounts, it is possible to create a backlinking profile of massive power, sending bookmarks around these networks and giving out the signals that Google really expects to see.

By getting the network connected up properly, most commonly by using IFTTT, you can quickly create links of high power, and really drive your organic rankings to the top of the search engines.

Following a request by one of our viewers, we thought it would be a really helpful topic to cover. So, in this week’s show, we will draw back the covers on our own recipes for Web2.0 power ranking.

What key Web2.0 accounts we use within our rings, how we interconnect them to send signals in both directions from our blogs or money sites, and what sort of tweaks are needed to get the networks firing on all cylinders.

Join Henrik & Tony on Tuesday 16th July at 10:30am EST (16:30pm CET) for an insight into this incredibly powerful SEO ranking strategy.

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