Duplicate Content: SEO Benefit or Google Penalty on The CommonSenSEO Show No.24

Henrik and Tony will be welcoming another SEO Expert Carolyn Holzman on to today’s show to talk about duplicate content: SEO Myth or Mainstay.

Duplicate content is one of those terms that crops up in any SEO discussion sooner or later.

The thinking on this is varied, with some saying it doesn’t exist, some saying it can harm, and others saying it’s a complete no-go area.

So what is the truth.

Also, closely related to any discussion on this topic is the implementation of the rel canonical tag.

It is an area where many people can get lost, and it doesn’t appear that too many blueprints for it’s use are to be found.

So is there a tried and tested way to implement rel canonical tags to avoid penalties?

Join us today live to get your questions answered by our expert guest.

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