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Schema in 2019: How to Create Schema for Your Website – on The CommonSenSEO Show No.15

Schema Markup can be defined in many formats, most commonly being:

• Microdata
• RDFa

JSON-LD has been defined as the preferred format by Google, but…

• Is this the most suitable?
• Is it ok to mix and match schema syntax?
• Which is best for your website?

There are many questions still to answer about schema, and in today’s show, we try to make some sense out of the past discussions, and give you a clearer blueprint to schema success.

If you haven’t used schema in your websites yet, then today is the day to start, and we will try to bring the final pieces to the puzzle, so that you can start marking up your websites right away.

The power from using schema is getting stronger every day. By understanding the basics, you will put yourself ahead of 95% of your competitors.

Get your questions ready for the live Q&A, and make May your month of Markup!

See you on Tuesday, 30th April 2019 at 10:30am EST (15:30pm GMT) on YouTube.

Weekly Show Here:

286 Woodfield Avenue
Lincoln LN6 0LT
United Kingdom

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