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Site Speed, CTR & Optimization for WordPress on The CommonSenSEO Show No.18

Google have made quite a lot of noise about site speed, but where can we draw the line of common sense? When do we need to worry about site speed, or when can we confidently turn our attentions to other SEO factors?

Click-through rates are a part of the ranking jigsaw. Speed clearly plays a big part in this, but what else should we consider to keep our CTR high.

Optimization is the final of today’s trilogy, where we look back at speed and how to adapt our sites to make them faster, more efficient, yet still compelling enough to keep the visitors glued to our sites for long enough to ensure a good retention rate.

In the most part, the topics above will fall into the User Experience factors, so how they all come together to help our UX metrics?

Join Henrik and Tony on this Tuesday’s show, 21st May 2019 at the normal time of 10:30am EST and 15:30pm GMT.

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